Understand Different Types of Work Related Accidents and their Consequences

Work accidents are quite common because there are many machines in factories and offices that are always crowded with employees who’re always stressed and in hurry. If you’re injured at workplace without your fault, then you’re liable to get compensation for your employer. Generally, employers are willing to compensate their employees to maintain a good relation and market value. However, there are some companies who’re reluctant to do so or try to negotiate with employees so they have to pay less.

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There’re thousands of accidents occurring in work pace every day. Thus, you need to be conscious of all those accidents to avoid as well as to know about your rights –

  • Offices and factories are more slippery because office floor is made of tiles which are cleaned and polished frequently and factories are full of chemicals and dyes which are found on floor sometimes. Hence, it is possible to see a person falling or slipping on floor.
  • There are also construction and engineering works which require hanging on ropes and ladders. Falling from height is quite common and is dangerous as well.
  • Lifting heavy items or working on computer for long hours can strain your neck and back. These strains can be avoided by doing some exercises and knowing a good technique of picking heavy items.
  • It is quite common to see objects falling from shelves and hitting a person with force. This not only happens in workshops or factories, but it also happens in offices.
  • Repetitive strain injury or RSI is quite common in workplace, like continuous typing on keyboard stiff your joints and fingers, back pain due to long hours of sitting job, etc. the effect can be severe if proper measures aren’t taken, therefore companies should starts a workshop where employees should be educated about the consequences of RSI and appropriate measures to be taken.
  • Cashes ad accidents of vehicles are quite common. Thus educate your employees to not over stressing themselves while driving or doing jobs.

  • Safety equipment like goggles, mask, and suit should be provided to employees who work within hazardous chemicals and fumes. These can damage lungs or any other body part.
  • Loud noise in heavy machinery factories, as well as call center employees who have to keep headphones on their ears continuously, can result to deafness after some time. This can be escaped by providing ear protections to workers and giving them regular breaks to relax.

There are many other work-related accidents that result in lifetime malfunction. It is imperative to think about your life and health. You may get compensation for employer, but the injury can be lifetime burden.

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