The Importance of Formal Child Custody Agreement Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

When parents of minor children decide to separate, one of the important challenges is sorting out child custody. The ‘divorce decree’ specifies with whom the child gets to live and visitation rights of non-custodial parent. There are couples who part ways amicably and arrive at a mutual agreement. A documented, court-approved plan always works better though.

Need for attorney-reviewed documentation:

Parents who come to an agreement with respect to child support, custody and visitation feel there’s no need to involve child custody attorneys or Domestic Relations District Court. But it’s always a good idea to work it out legally. A couple may have decided the mother to have full physical custody and the father to have visitation access every other weekend.

There may be situations in the future where the father skips a couple of child support payments since he has other expenses or the mother may take the child to a vacation during the weekend the father’s scheduled weekend. When there is a formal child custody agreement in the picture, there won’t be any deviations from the initial agreement.

When there’s no court-approved agreement, it is possible to even move the child to other city without seeking the permission of the other parent. Avoid such child custody battles by resorting to legal help.

How does court make decisions regarding child custody?

Generally physical custody is granted to the parent whom the child spends most time of the year. The legal custody is shared by both parents.

  • Joint custody: Both the parents get to share equal time with their child. Court approves this only if it finds both parents capable of amicably making joint decisions.
  • Split custody: This one is less favored since siblings are separated and assigned with the mother and father separately.

The court looks into a number of factors before deciding on child support. With an attorney by your side, you are more likely to get desired judgment. If you are looking for a good child custody lawyer Yorktown, get in touch with Denbigh Law Center. The law firm has experienced lawyers and a good track record of smoothly sorting out child custody cases.

The common factors court takes into account:

  • Child’s preference he/she is old enough to express reasonable preferences
  • Physical and mental health of parents
  • Child’s relationship with the parent
  • The parent’s ability to provide a stable environment
  • Age and gender of child
  • Evidence of drug/alcohol/sex abuse by parent
  • Cultural considerations

Things may not always end well if you try to settle issues like child custody outside court. To ensure your kid gets the best and your parental rights are protected, get legal help.

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